Day: April 13, 2019

Does anyone know of a good Chiropractor, my 3rd and 4th Chakra’s are out of alignment. Doesn’t matter I’ll consult my Horoscopes. I’m pretty sure Jupiter is rising, I can feel it in my waters.  


I purchased some cheap crystals in town yesterday and they are sending out vibrational waves between 3000 and 4000 hertz. Good quartz should be connecting with your Gamma brain waves at 5000 to 6000 Hertz. REMEMBER: You get what you pay for! (Remember: B.Q.C) Buy Quality Crystals if you expect this stuff to work! Thanks, Everybody.  

Ever have one of those 4th-dimensional dreams. What a blowout. I thought people were just lying through their teeth until I saw Jesus and Muhammad playing ping-pong.

I saw someone with the worst Aura today. I hate to say it but these people should be put in prison before they do any more damage.

With the help of someone with proper qualifications, who was a spiritual leader and drove his own car, I was shown one of my past lives. I was this promiscuous Nun who swore like a trooper, and I knew he was right because she had the same initials and we both like chocolate pudding.  

It’s impossible to really know anything. But you can know everything there is to know if you have love in your heart and don’t stab people.

There are no limits, you can fly if you truly believe it. Probably not as well as a bird because it takes a lot of practice. Dream to achieve anything. Kill people with your mind.

We stand on the shoulders of giants, those who were able to read peoples future for the first time and realized people believed it. Those who cured Cancer with carrot smoothies. Science is holding us back from the hidden truth of unlimited possibilities and the knowledge of real everyday people with faith in their own spiritual superiority and without fancy book learning who cure cancer with carrot smoothies.

4 out of 5 doctors lie about the effectiveness of alternative medicine and crystals just to stay in business. One Doctor quotes: “How am I supposed to make money off people’s sleep problems when they can easily buy essential oils like lavender; A known therapeutic treatment for a long list of sleep and other issues. And you can buy it off your friends, making them wealthy, and leaving us Doctors out of pocket.”