A Narnia Story

Chapter 1: How do we get back to Narnia
There is an explosion. The kids come out of the house and smoke billows out behind them. The small kid says, ‘Sorry’, and the bigger kid says, ‘Great, you blew up the cupboard. How are we going to save the goat leg guy now?’

Chapter 2: At Fantastic Furniture
The girl says, ‘You check that cupboard’, to one of the brothers and says, ‘You check that cupboard’ to another. They spend the rest of the day looking in cupboards.

Chapter 3: Aragon appears
Aragon appears as the other brother hops out of the last cupboard. They are all in shock. They all say roughly at the same time, ‘What are you doing here Aragon?’

Chapter 4: The truth is known
‘Children I have special powers’ Aragon says. Then one kid says, ‘That explains everything’.

Chapter 5: A kind lunch with friends
Aragon and the four children end up at the mall as they were all famished. One of the kids suddenly remembers, ‘What about the guy with goat legs?’

Chapter 6: A kind answer
Aragon roars because he is a lion, ‘Fear not’ he says, ‘I will use my power’ and then he does.

Chapter 7: He appears suddenly he appears (The goat leg guy.)

Chapter 8: The kids are disrespectful
All the kids start laughing at the guy because of his goat shaped legs but Aragon doesn’t laugh.

Chapter 9: A hard lesson learned
Then Aragon says, ‘How would you like it if you had goat shaped legs?’ Then the kids felt sorry.

Chapter 10: The kids are asleep
The kids are all snuggled up in their sleeping bags after an adventure and everybody else has took off.

Chapter 11: A Fragile Peace
Peace settles over the land but there is a rumbling in the mountain.

Chapter 12: The End
‘The End.’