Best Medicine Book Series

A book series for non-readers 


From the author of
I’ve killed people for less!



Don’t have time to read a real book? Love to chuckle and have a laugh? Want something to lend your friends to prove you have a sense of humour? Need a reason to get out of bed in the morning? Well, this book is for you!





“Bushman has mastered the art of words on pictures”
— Darryl Braithweight

“Bushman is a true ubermensch of the memetic format. I can’t wait for his next foray into abhorrent stupidity.”

— Joan Diddiant

“I didn’t get all the jokes and references, but the ones I did get, let me tell you!”
— Tom Petrovsin 

“Don’t read these books if you’re offended by people who say stupid shit that’s wrong.”
— Sean Connerin

The ‘Best Medicine’ series of books are designed to be read in a single sitting without the pressure of further commitment. You’re busy, I’m busy. Who reads anymore!

Read them, re-read them, pass them on, or put them on the coffee table to offer guests during awkward silences. But the number one reason to read these books is to have a giggle and forget about the shit-show that is the world.


This book has an attitude problem.

 — Will Smitt

This book is not about hurting people. It’s about laughing at others’ shortcomings. Which is fine because all characters are fictional. Except for Darryl, he’s real!

I look forward to toilet time these days, as long as I’ve got my ‘Toilet Book!’

— Andrew O’Kete

It’s the perfect book to sit by the loo. It takes about as long to read as it takes you to squeeze out a loaf after attending an all you can eat buffet.

This book is not just for you, it’s for your guests. Let them feel more at ease doing their business while you sit in the next room separated only, by a few sheets of gyprock.

Reading this book helped me feel normal. At least compared to the person who wrote it.

— Roger Morse

This book is the equivalent to watching a girl fart in a porno. Most people find it disturbing. A few see it as top-shelf comedy. While some dirty pricks get off on it!


A tasty little treat on every page

 When was the last time you finished a novel, let alone a movie? Social media has left us with the attention span of a fish. Best Medicine one sitting books will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something without having to dedicate two hours a night for the next month to finishing that novel by John Grisham you thought you’d like.