A unhealthy relationship with Fedoras

My sister Natalie’s kids have all went through phases in their teens where they have worn Fedoras. The hat with a brim so small it only covers have a person’s nose from the sun.

I don’t know whether they have felt wearing fedoras is appropriate because of their mum’s views on the hat. Or whether it’s something in their DNA that has expressed itself in such a way to make them feel that a fedora is appropriate for these modern times.

While many kids are rocking the curved brim baseball cap as they should at such an age. Some feel it appropriate to keep the brim unbent. Maybe these people have the same expression in their gene’s that have put them on such a dark path.

I have held my tongue these many years and watched as fedora wearers have sprung up in my own gene pool. I have stayed quiet hoping they would realise their own folly before the hat became more that a wrong choice of clothing, but a culture to rally around. One comprised of outcasts living on the fringes of mainstream sensible society.

Have a done too little. I blame myself. How could I have let this go on when doing anything rather than nothing would have been more appropriate. Is rehabilitation even possible for these members of the fold. It seems unlikely. I’m sorry boys that I have let you down and pray you turn from your wicked ways.

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As time goes by

How quick the years go by. The last three years have gone past and that is but a tenth until I am 70. I hope I am as agile as my father at that age. It’s two days until Christmas and the year is Twenty-twenty. When I am my father’s age it will be twenty fifty. I hope I’m around to see it.

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Fantastic Beasts

My favourite fictional world is easily ‘The Wizarding World’ of ‘Harry Potter.’ I am eagerly waiting on the next instalment of Fantastic Beasts, I’d take that over the latest Marvel or Star Wars epic any day.

‘Succession’ The TV Show

Out of all the shows I’ve watched over the past year I’d have to say watching ‘Succession’ on HBO/Foxtel has been the most enjoyable. Most of the characters are pretty deplorable as human beings, but still very likable and interesting.

I’m sure many a dodgy businessman gets a hardon watching the highs and lows of these characters and look closely for tips on how to be more ruthless and cunning in their own line of work.

This show will continue to be my guilty pleasure as long as it keeps churning out such gripping TV content.

Easily 5 Stars.


I’ve been using modafinil on and off for a couple of years now. I am able to get a prescription for it because I have sleep apnea. I find it hard to focus for long periods on any one task, but I find that when I need to get a lot of work done I can take a tablet and be able to stay on task longer than without the tablet. I don’t take them every day because I can only get thirty at a time and they are not cheap as they are not covered by the PBS in Australia.

I have considered buying them from overseas where I can buy them in larger quantities and with a higher dosage. Even if I was to find that the larger dose was unnecessary I could cut them in half and double the lifespan of the packet. Unfortunately, it seems you can only buy them overseas using cryptocurrency which at this stage has a bit of learning curve involved in using it. So thus far I haven’t tried to source them outside of Australia. Modafinil is probably not for everyone and the government has restrictions on usage, but it does seem to work for me, especially when I want to spend time writing or working on tasks where I want my brain firing on all four cylinders.