Rubber Dick

Apparently, when I was younger I got my dick caught in the chain of an exercise bike. Because of this some of my cousins called me ‘Rubber Dick.’ True story!

Be careful who you listen to

I was in a shearing shed with a kid named James who would later die in a house fire. There was a grinding device connected to an electric motor by a chain like you’d find on a bicycle only more heavy-duty. He told me to put my finger on the chain, so being a naive little scamp, I did. Then he proceeded to lunge at the power switch and turn it on. My fingernail went black, then fell off over the period of a few months. True story.

Four-leaf clover patch

I was sitting on the lawn under a tree outside a high- school where I would be taking one of my Year 12 exams when a friend and I discovered a patch of four-leaf clovers. I kept a couple only to lose them later. That’s the only time I have come across a four-leaf clover, rather than the bog-standard three-leaf variety. True story.

Looped fruit loops

I once had a friend give me two pairs of fruit loop cereal pieces linked together through the hole in the middle. I don’t know how this is possible or whether it was some sort of sick joke played on me at my expense.

A reptile living in a Meat Ant nest

The strangest natural phenomena I have ever encountered was when I was about fifteen. I was living on a farm with my family near Geurie NSW and I was riding a motorbike in a patch of trees on our farm when I came across a Meat Ant nest. I decided to dig out a rut in the nest with the back tyre. The strange thing was that I uncovered part of scaly reptile living in the nest. I don’t know whether it was a snake or a lizard but it was alive. I wasn’t game to disturb it any more than I already had, especially if it was a snake. I imagine it was a large lizard living off the ants, but I’ve never heard of such a thing or seen anything like it since.