I just want you all to know that I’ll fight you all with sticks and sharp objects in order to defend my right to use sticks and sharp objects to defend my rights.

Everyone should have the right and equal opportunity to get married, it is wrong for a gay person to marry someone of the opposite sex, it is cruel, they should marry their own kind, not live a lie to get all the rights and privileges of a straight person.

It’s important that we stand up for what is right though kicking and punching, it shows superiority over what is right, at the end of the day it is who is the toughest, be strong. I love puppies. The world is wrong, Fight because you have muscles. This is truth. Unicorns are real if only in our imagination, that is enough. I love you all. Find truth but don’t forget small miracles, they belong to all of us together. We find strength within each other.

9 reasons to act on climate change.

I don’t understand why the climate change argument is framed the way it is. Side one argues climate change is real so inaction will lead to drastic changes which we will have difficulty adapting to causing a wide range of problems which range from serious to terminal in nature. Side two argues that climate change is not real and if it is real it is not caused by humans. I would posit that we as a consequence of the outcomes of acting on climate change do not need to know with certitude whether climate change is real and/or that it is man-made. Let me explain. 1. If the engine light is on in your car, you act to make sure that the car gets looked at to ensure that the car doesn’t break down. You can posit that the engine light is faulty. But the smart thing to do is [ Read More ]


I’m embarrassed to say that when I watched Trump speak before the election, I thought he deserved to win, him selling himself and a catalyst for change, combined with the information that was coming out about Hillary (True or Not). ‘Before I watched him speak my idea of Trump is that he is everything that is wrong with America; The worship of money no matter how it is acquired and his image of a successful businessman because he had acquired wealth, not how he acquired wealth. He seemed a sleezy businessmen, who’d sell his sole at the right price. Someone who was more show than substance. Always playing the game. A zero-sum game where you either win or lose and losing is for losers. I feel embarrassed for all of us that a society would let a person with so little substance lead the whole thing. It’s mind boggling and [ Read More ]