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Harvard Positive Psychology Lectures

One of the few big sources of knowledge on self-development I’ve incorporated into my life is a series of Havard lectures on Positive Psychology by lecturer & author Tal Ben-Shahar. Each lecture is an hour or more and there are twenty or so lectures in the...

Overcoming poor self-esteem. Part 1: Inflating ego

There was a time when if somebody slighted me I would go on the defense and my ego would puff up, I would become arrogant and smug. I would go to war with them in my head. Not to destroy or undermine my attacker, but to prove them wrong on an intellectual level....

Being Real Means

Being real means showing who you are, not what you think what others want you to be. Being real means being in the moment without trying to impress. Being real means being vulnerable. Being real means telling it how it is.