I had foolishly convinced myself I could solve the world’s problems by writing about how empowering and enlightening individuals through specialised digital systems would create a better society based on good decision making.

I had hoped one day that I would be able to write down or orally record my thoughts regarding these solutions. For more than a decade and a half now I have been obsessed with the trains of thought I have had regarding digital solutions to local and global issues, by taking what I’d learned and assumed applying it to other ideas I’d learned and assumed. I had held onto these ideas and obsessed over there potential, if articulated coherently. Holding onto these ideas but not being able to articulate them has led me over the years to become a sophomaniac, someone who is under the delusion that they are extremely intelligent, I had the keys to solving the worlds issues, but just couldn’t spit them out. I come now to release that these ideas are delusions. I have nothing to offer but half a toasted sandwich I keep in my pocket.