Pissy face Browne

When I was six and living on the farm. I took a piss in the orchard while holding onto some oranges I had picked. I had accidentally dropped one of the oranges during the pissing process. I then proceeded to pick it the orange while still pissing. The result was that I pissed all over my own face. True story.

Rubber Dick

Apparently, when I was younger I got my dick caught in the chain of an exercise bike. Because of this some of my cousins called me ‘Rubber Dick.’ True story!

Be careful who you listen to

I was in a shearing shed with a kid named James who would later die in a house fire. There was a grinding device connected to an electric motor by a chain like you’d find on a bicycle only more heavy-duty. He told me to put my finger on the chain, so being a naive little scamp, I did. Then he proceeded to lunge at the power switch and turn it on. My fingernail went black, then fell off over the period of a few months. True story.

Four-leaf clover patch

I was sitting on the lawn under a tree outside a high- school where I would be taking one of my Year 12 exams when a friend and I discovered a patch of four-leaf clovers. I kept a couple only to lose them later. That’s the only time I have come across a four-leaf clover, rather than the bog-standard three-leaf variety. True story.

Looped fruit loops

I once had a friend give me two pairs of fruit loop cereal pieces linked together through the hole in the middle. I don’t know how this is possible or whether it was some sort of sick joke played on me at my expense.

A reptile living in a Meat Ant nest

The strangest natural phenomena I have ever encountered was when I was about fifteen. I was living on a farm with my family near Geurie NSW and I was riding a motorbike in a patch of trees on our farm when I came across a Meat Ant nest. I decided to dig out a rut in the nest with the back tyre. The strange thing was that I uncovered part of scaly reptile living in the nest. I don’t know whether it was a snake or a lizard but it was alive. I wasn’t game to disturb it any more than I already had, especially if it was a snake. I imagine it was a large lizard living off the ants, but I’ve never heard of such a thing or seen anything like it since.

Fantastic Beasts

My favourite fictional world is easily ‘The Wizarding World’ of ‘Harry Potter.’ I am eagerly waiting on the next instalment of Fantastic Beasts, I’d take that over the latest Marvel or Star Wars epic any day.

Harvard Positive Psychology Lectures

One of the few big sources of knowledge on self-development I’ve incorporated is a series of Havard lectures on Positive Psychology by lecturer & author Tal Ben-Shahar.

Each lecture is an hour or more and there are twenty or so lectures in the course. I’ve watched all the lectures at least twice and some of it has stuck with me and has helped me navigate my life in a meaningful way.

The lectures are jam-packed with information on how people who excel at life think. It’s very digestible understandable knowledge and is a large part of the basis of my knowledge in the realm of psychology.

I found these lectures on http://ThePirateBay.org but they have also been uploaded to YouTube.

‘Succession’ The TV Show

Out of all the shows I’ve watched over the past year I’d have to say watching ‘Succession’ on HBO/Foxtel has been the most enjoyable. Most of the characters are pretty deplorable as human beings, but still very likable and interesting.

I’m sure many a dodgy businessman gets a hardon watching the highs and lows of these characters and look closely for tips on how to be more ruthless and cunning in their own line of work.

This show will continue to be my guilty pleasure as long as it keeps churning out such gripping TV content.

Easily 5 Stars.

Law of unintended consequences

I learnt about the law of unintended consequences through Jordan Peterson. When implementing changes to society or a system, there are always unknown things that change. Not because that was the objective but because by trying to achieve an objective, humans or nature reacted in an unpredictable way.

Creating changes to a system can be not only unpredictable but also downright bad. Just look at the former society union as an example.