Hi, I’m Ricky!

While my main focus these days is on self-authoring books. I also design the odd website for people, for which I have many years of experience. And while I am more of a designer than a programmer, I know my way around HTML, some Javascript, and can manipulate PHP scripts. At the end of every year, I like to spend some time practising coding. The web apps presented on this page are the result of that work. I trade through BloodyGoodWebDesign.com.au for my web design client work.


Jiber  [ Party Game ]

3+ Players

It’s like Family Feud but in reverse!

Jiber is a word association party game. You’ll need pens, paper and a device to run the game e.g. mobile, tablet or laptop.
Beta version now available…

Let the fun begin!


Ajifi  Freewriter

Desktop Writing Browser App