Ricky Nolan Browne

Ricky Nolan Browne

Ricky Browne was born April 6th 1977, he has a wife and a son, three sisters, a lot of nephew’s, a few nieces and a ton of relo’s and in-laws, some of which are featured in his Tumblr Blog “Life and Times of Ricky Browne” here. The blog also contains photos of friends and acquaintances, if you don’t want your face shown on Ricky’s blog, take it up with the courts (jokes).

Ricky has struggled with mental illness since 2001. Ricky got pro-active about recovering from his illness when he hit rock bottom in 2012, and has been on a recovery journey ever since. Ricky now enjoys a happy and fulfilling life despite his illness.

Ricky is a high functioning schizophrenic that likes to spend his time in productive and sometimes useful ways, mostly in the digital realm, he has had some success in web design and is continuing to practice his craft. He also enjoys writing along with shooting and editing videos.

Ricky Browne & Family


2017 saw Ricky tying up loose ends and completing unfinished works allowing him to move forward onto larger projects, these include:

An audiobook.
Ricky is creating an audiobook about his life in an interview style format, he calls it his inquisition.

Coping Website.
Last year Ricky started working on a website to help people better cope with their lives and to flourish in our modern world, he hopes to have this completed in 2019.

Redesigning Websites.
Ricky has been working on an off as a freelance web designer since 2014. Business had been slow for Ricky. This year Ricky is doubling down on his efforts with a new strategy and fresh attitude and plans to redesign a minimum of twelve sites this year, not including his own. Here @ http://redesigner.com.au

Ricky's Time Online.

Ricky Browne spends his spare time on the internet, when it’s time to get down to work he amps it up with a lot more time on the internet. When it’s time to take a break from the screen. He heads out to take photos and make videos to upload to the internet. Ricky’s hobbies also include spending time browsing social media and watching YouTube videos. Ricky still finds time to watch the odd movie or binge watch a TV series, all streamed over the internet of course. Check out Ricky’s Tumblr containing things Ricky has discovered on the net and found interesting right here

Video & Audio.

Ricky in Character

Ricky has found joy in making media for the web, only to feel most of his work too cringe-worthy for him to watch. He feels the best videos he has made are part of a series called RIK & LIZ he made with his wife. While they don’t shoot together much these days, they still take the time to make a video together every Christmas and put it online. Watch here.

All Ricky’s video are watchable here.

Ricky’s Audio including some shitty music he has made is available here.

Funny words.

Ricky Browne’s old mantra was “Make them laugh, at any cost”. Ricky is a changed man these days, with a mantra more along the lines of “Trump is a good, honest, down to earth, hardworking American, who tells it like it is”, not really, Trump is the antithesis of what Ricky considers good and honest. Ricky got laughs at an early age, which made him decide to become someone who was looking for the funny in every situation, no matter it’s appropriateness. Ricky has since grown into a crotchety old man who cares little for this sort of shenanigans and tomfoolery. This blog is a look back at a man now reformed who once did and said anything for a laugh. Ricky Funny Man Browne is dead and this is his funeral. Please Enjoy! Here.

Ricky Browne in Writing.

Like most kids, Ricky learned to write at school, most of his early writing was crap because like most kids he was ignorant and stupid. He had early success with a really short story called “Ricky by Ant” and later in high school had a four-page booklet called “The big note under the door” which was acclaimed within the classroom. This document no longer exists as it was thrown out by his mother. It included illustrations of a pair of mosquitos engaging in fourplay. Ricky wasn’t a good reader in his younger years and avoided reading whenever possible. He read 3 or 4 novels while at school but didn’t really start reading regularly until he got dial-up internet, before then he his idea of reading Computer Specs in PC magazines, and occasionally he would tackle some of the articles , which he enjoyed and made him feel smart. Reading helped Ricky learn how to write better and helped him to not be so fucking ignorant. On paper Ricky finds it hard to communicate complex ideas (probably because he doesn’t fully understand the concepts he is writing about in the first place). While Ricky has improved greatly, he has recently come out of a long period of not being able to produce caused by perfectionism. He has since realised his limitations and finds it easier to write his bullshit nobody wants to read. Read the writing of Ricky Browne that hasn’t been lost or thrown out here, or go and shoot yourself in the face, it’s up to you.

8 Reasons why Dubbo is the best place in Australia to live.

Art & Design by Ricky Browne.

Although Ricky enjoyed art in school and did pretty good in art class, he had no interest in pursuing it as a career. Ricky wanted to be a comedian and assumed that to be a comedian he would just have to act like a fool 24/7 and somehow by osmosis, he would be discovered. This never happened so Ricky decided to be the next Mark Zuckerburger at a time when Facebook didn’t exist. What happened while following this pursuit is Ricky signed up to a web design course in order to create the next big thing and actually learned how to make dinky HTML websites for other people, and while trying to make it big, he ended up learning how to make graphics on a computer, leading him full circle back to the whole art thing. Has he improved much over time? That’s debatable, but he has at least stopped using the glow tool all the time and has moved on from the font ‘Bank Gothic’. Enjoy the Art and Designs of Ricky Browne of Dubbo, NSW Australia. Here.

Shitty Illustrations by Ricky Browne.

Ricky Browne never had the hand coordination or creativity to be a great illustrator, this, however, has not stopped him from giving it a red hot go. Ricky started out drawing dicks as a kid and has progressed ever so slowly from there. He recently purchased a cheap electronic illustration tablet which has renewed his interest in the drawing. Please enjoy the illustrations of Ricky Browne here.

Ricky’s Achievements.

Ricky has yet to win the Order of Australia Medal, an Oscar, a Logie, a Bafta, the Medal of Honour, Australian of the Year, or even a free Paddle Pop from a Streets Paddle Pop Licker Prize. You name it and Ricky hasn’t won it. Ricky has however received various Certificates for Courses he completed and even the odd First Aid Certificate. This and more have been included in Ricky’s list of lifetime achievements. Ricky’s Achievements blog also includes a corner unit Ricky made at school, a police check, almost spotless except for a license disqualification for drink driving. Ricky was also in a play called ‘Away’ which he performed with the Wesley Players, he was able to remember over half of his lines. Please take your time to browse through Ricky’s blog of what he considers achievements. Enjoy! Check it out here.

Ricky Browne - Man of Movember 2013

PS. Ricky loves to talk about himself in the third person.