Australian author
Ricky Browne.

Australia’s answer to a question nobody asked, but probably damn well should have.

Australian author
Ricky Browne.

Australia’s answer to a question nobody asked, but probably damn well should have.

  “Insightful, Funny, Honest!”  

Ricky Browne - Australian Satirical Author & Arm-Chair Philosopher

Discover the literary works of Ricky Browne. With 19 books available for free in eBook format on the Google Play Store.

Longing for the Australia of yesteryear.

New Release: Things Ain’t Been Right Since Rex Hunt Got Bit By That Stingray!

Longing for the Australia of Yesteryear.

“Things Ain’t Been Right Since Rex Hunt Got Bit by That Stingray,” is a delightful and nostalgic journey through 80s and 90s Australia. This easy-to-read book captures the essence of the era, reflecting on cultural shifts, media highlights, and personal anecdotes, inviting readers to laugh, reminisce, and reflect on how things have changed for better or worse.

Best Medicine Anthology - 12 book full colour eBook series - by Ricky Browne

Released this year:

Best Medicine Anthology

12 Book Satirical Series

Introducing the ultimate collection of laugh-out-loud humour: the Best Medicine Anthology! This anthology features twelve hilarious full-colour books that are sure to tickle your funny bone. With funny concepts, stories, and observations on every page, you’ll be entertained from start to finish.

Check out Ricky’s two serious literary works.

As of 2023 Ricky Browne has two serious books available.
As of 2023 Ricky Browne has two serious books available.

Mirrabooka Dreaming is a poetry book full of concepts of what is, what’s right, and what feels right.

Good Soil | A Guide to Life is a book packed full of principles and concepts on thinking styles that lead to a fruitful life.

As of 2023 Ricky Browne has two serious books available.
As of 2023 Ricky Browne has two serious books available.

   Rick’s Full Catalogue  

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Five new funny books available

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Principles & Affirmations that changed the way Ricky thinks and lives

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Ricky has written two books of poetry, one serious and one funny

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As of 2023 Ricky Browne has two serious books available.
Layed back author Ricky Browne


Phase 1: 2019 – 2020

Ricky self-published his first on in October 2019. The book was a compilation of the memes he created and posted online over the year prior and was called ‘Best Medicine’.

In February 2020 he uploaded three more short books to, ‘Guide to Manhood’, ‘A Narnian Story’, and ‘Whatever!’ The first two were earlier pieces of writing Ricky turned into books and the third was another compilation of memes and comics he had created. Whatever! is still available through the Google Bookstore.

Blurb is a self-publishing website that will print your books on demand.

Phase 2: 2021

From September to October 2021, Ricky uploaded six new books to Blurb, which were made available to the public through the Blurb marketplace.

‘Mirrabooka Dreaming’ was a compilation of soulful and insightful poems written by Ricky.

‘Good Soil – A Guide to Life’ was a full-colour book of principles on how to think and live. Information he had garnered over the previous 10 years.

‘Timmy’s Favourite Pants’ was a children’s book that was inappropriate and had a rude but funny ending.

‘Savage Memeology’ contained searing satire in the form of full-page images with text overlayed over the top. The other two books were in the same format but had specific topics.

These three full-colour picture books would be the basis for Rick’s humourous twelve-book anthology series.

Ricky also got printed three other books in that period of photos and documents for his and his family’s private collection.

Phase 3: 2022 – 2023

In October 2022, Ricky uploaded digital copies of the first six books of his comedic anthology series to the Google Bookstore.

Rick had made the choice to provide his books in eBook format as full-colour printing was uneconomical and the prices for his books were too high for what they were.

These six books were made available for download for between 2 and 5 dollars each.

In November of that year, he had completed the final six books in the series and had finished working on updating his existing library of books.

By the end of January, Ricky had 18 books available on the Google Book Store for digital download.

Due to a lack of sales, Ricky made the choice to offer his full library for free. And as of the middle of April Ricky had reached 500 downloads for the January to April period.

His most downloaded books are the more perverse ones from his anthology.

Phase 4 – 2023 – 2024

Ricky currently has seven books in the works for this year and the next, some of which have been written, while others are in the process.