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Ricky Browne // Australian Author and Programmer

Who is Ricky Browne?

An avid arm-chair philosopher and autodidact describing himself as a: lifelong learner, idiosyncratic independent thinker, planet lover, uncertainty seeker, agnostic reasoner and optimalist, realistic optimist, psychology aficionado, expert in the practice of love and relationships, probability enthusiast, guessing savant, autarchic worker, habitual wordsmith, comically mischievous satirist, compositional design practitioner, horizontal programmer, more

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Ricky Browne

Satirical Scribe
& Human Potential Advocate

Studying human growth and potential for 20 years from an individual and societal perspective, Ricky is an autodidact and avid armchair philosopher with zero degrees under his belt.

Ricky publishes under the brand Chimera Books, guided by the principles of reasoning through faith in what is optimal for human survival and flourishing.

With many of Ricky's currently published books, the vehicle is humour, sometimes without any moral or message, but just for shits and giggles.

Ricky's books have been downloaded around 3500 times on Google Books since they were added in January of last year.

Chimera Books
Local News Satire

Ricky Browne

Programmer and Designer

Having developed his skills through the NSW TAFE system, and after fifteen years working with clients on web design projects, Ricky knows HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and a little PHP. Utilising WordPress and various Adobe graphic design products to create online presences for small to medium businesses in the country.

While Ricky still services around ten clients, he no longer takes on third-party projects, preferring to devote his time to developing applications for writing and studying, along with mental health and wellbeing apps.

Thanks to the development of ChatGPT, Ricky has been able to take his coding skills to the next level, tackling programming problems once out of his reach, and cutting down the amount of time it takes to develop a complex application.

Ricky is currently enrolled at TAFE NSW in Cert IV Programming, which is helping him to adjust to some of the more modern technologies such as Git. Along with bolstering his fundamentals, he wants to adopt other programming languages that allow him to broaden his scope outside of web-based apps, into mobile and desktop applications.

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Ricky Browne

Furlong Street Labs
Dubbo NSW Austalia 2830

M: 0434 779 000
E: ricky(at)rickybrowne.com

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