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Here’s the low-down on Ricky Browne.

​Twenty or so years ago Ricky gave himself the mission of trying to understand the nature of our shared reality. In seeking the truth of what lay beneath he found himself struggling against facets of what he found. Within a journey that mostly played out in his mind, he took a multitude of wrong turns and missteps which left him lost and eventually drove him to madness. Not taking the path well trodden led him into darker times, but ultimately after four epochs of exponential growth and understanding, he has developed unique insights into himself, society, the problems we face, and what it means to be human.

After twenty years in the metaphorical wilderness, Ricky has come to a place where he can finally speak his mind on what he has uncovered, in order to help others grow and flourish in an uncertain world.

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Ricky; life and family.
Ricky doesn’t have a real job. He is supported by Elizabeth, his loving partner of eight years.
He juggles his time between taking care of his lovely daughter Grace, housekeeping, educating himself for the purposes of self-development as well as working on various artistic and entrepreneurial projects. His son Will, a total legend, turns seventeen this year, lives with his Mum, Ricky’s former partner.


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Ricky is contactable via email ask (at) rik.bz or by mobile +61 434 77 9000 or by the contact form below

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One of the few big sources of knowledge on self-development I've incorporated into my life is a series of Havard lectures on Positive Psychology by lecturer & author Tal Ben-Shahar. Each lecture is an hour or more and there are twenty or so lectures in the course....

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Being Real Means

Being real means showing who you are, not what you think what others want you to be. Being real means being in the moment without trying to impress. Being real means being vulnerable. Being real means telling it how it is.