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I’ve been writing now for a couple of weeks and have churned out around 10,000 words. But it seems that I’ve hit a wall with things to voice my opinion on.

The 10,000 words were on how to make the world a better place, addressing the problems we face. But I have a big problem. It’s all theory and probably doesn’t map over the human conditions and what society needs to function. But it has been a good exercise because it has helped me realise that despite the time I’ve put into thinking about these issues, I’m fairly ignorant about what works and what doesn’t, and what negative values we as societies have to accept to have a functional system. It seems my solutions may be nothing more than wishful thinking. I think about the logic of Marx and how it changed how entire societies function but was ultimately a failure.

Despite constantly being drawn to thinking about how society should function, I have been unable to write my opinions having been in a state of believing I would write a book about my thinking and explain my views. One of the driving factors, why I haven’t written up until now, was the feeling that it was not my place to write about it according to the powers that be and the paranoid belief that if I did write about it I would put myself in danger.

I feel somewhat less worried about that now that I have written. The benefit of not writing until now is that it has given me a chance to iron out some of my more extreme views through the acquisition of new knowledge. The disadvantage of leaving it so long is that I am now a lot clearer about how much I don’t understand and my own ineptitude on such issues and also the ineptitude of people who claim to have the right answers. This has given me a chance to hone in on the things I need to better understand, as well as put my grand ideas and the lack of complexity they are bolstered by into perspective.

I’ve been thinking for years somewhat delusionally, but it was in expressing my views that really let me understand what I think and how well that mapped over reality. Without writing and verbal communication, you cannot deconstruct what you think beyond reflection, which narrows the band of complex ideas.

It could be said that my thoughts have not come with the due diligence of properly understanding my subject.

It’s good to write even when what you write is wrong. It gives you a chance to grow past your wrong assumptions of the world.

Writing is part of the thinking process, it’s not the end result of thinking.

The world faces huge hurdles at the present. My wish is that I survive long enough to see what emerges on the other side of the big challenges we face.