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9 reasons to act on climate change.

I don’t understand why the climate change argument is framed the way it is. Side one argues climate change is real so inaction will lead to drastic changes which we will have difficulty adapting to causing a wide range of problems which range from serious to terminal in nature. Side two argues that climate change is not real and if it is real it is not caused by humans. I would posit that we as a consequence of the outcomes of acting on climate change do not need to know with certitude whether climate change is real and/or that it is man-made. Let me explain. 1. If the engine light is on in your car, you act to make sure that the car gets looked at to ensure that the car doesn’t break down. You can posit that the engine light is faulty. But the smart thing to do is [ Read More ]


I’m embarrassed to say that when I watched Trump speak before the election, I thought he deserved to win, him selling himself and a catalyst for change, combined with the information that was coming out about Hillary (True or Not). ‘Before I watched him speak my idea of Trump is that he is everything that is wrong with America; The worship of money no matter how it is acquired and his image of a successful businessman because he had acquired wealth, not how he acquired wealth. He seemed a sleezy businessmen, who’d sell his sole at the right price. Someone who was more show than substance. Always playing the game. A zero-sum game where you either win or lose and losing is for losers. I feel embarrassed for all of us that a society would let a person with so little substance lead the whole thing. It’s mind boggling and [ Read More ]

It is easy when we make up our minds about what we know and believe to condemn and admonish those with alternate views on the nature of our condition and of our world. I am guilty of this, it is only in realizing the limitations of our own mind and knowledge can I put aside our own pride and prejudices in order to embrace my fellow man, knowing however right I may think I am, I am human and subject to the heuristics coded into my own mind. I have been judged and found wanting. My apologies.


Small minds are the destroyers of big ideas.

Is Google giving us the most accurate search results possible?

I’m pretty sure Google gave more accurate results five years ago. I do a lot of long tail searches in my job, e.g. “why won’t this happen, when I do this, using this version of this program.” Back in the day I would more than likely get a page with the answer come to the top of the organic (unpaid) listings. Google has a financial imperative to keep you on their site longer in the hopes that you will click on a paid listing. There is also a financial benefit from other large sites that come up in the listings that may hold your answer within their pages, but also want you to spend more time on their website, looking for the answer in the hopes you’ll click on an ad, subscribe, etc. If google gave the exact page, rather than an approximation e.g. stuff.com/youranswer.html rather than, stuff.com You’d get your answer [ Read More ]

15 tips for writing by Ricky N Browne

Don’t give up: You have just started and the feelings of inadequacy, boredom, angst and whatever the hell you are feeling will subside. Feel it: Whatever you are feeling, feel it fully before trying to move on from it. Do it for fun: See if you can find some fun in writing, and once you find it, try to remember how it came to be. Write for yourself: You wont please everybody, at least try to please yourself. Give it time. Look to get better: Don’t expect perfection. Try different styles. Don’t expect to much to soon. You may yet find your flow. Its OK to spend your time writing. Aim for excellence, not perfection. Pray. Finish your work. Make time. Make sure your list doesn’t stop at 14.