Dance Team 4000 Monologue

Mongo: The beginning

Mongo: In the beginning all I wanted to do was dance, things were important, things were always important to me, but dance, it brought it all together and that was my happy, mine.

Mongo: Jazz ballet, tap, mamba, samba, cucumber, you name it, I was there, at the center. It was when I started experimenting with crumping. We did it together. but then they started getting involved with all this east coast west coast bullshit. To me that meant nothing.

Mongo: I went out on my own, and that’s when it hit me. Interpretive dance, dance interpretation, interpretations in dance, it was all the same thing.

Mongo: One move, one god damn move. there was no question about should or should not, just how. I was taken. Yeah, I could dance, but I wasn’t prepared, there wasn’t a book. That’s when I let him in. I couldn’t do it on my own, I wasn’t strong enough. I’d seen him lift the Dolphin Princess over his head in “We Live, We Breathe” every night, without falter.

Mongo: I was upfront. I told him what was required. He knew his part, and he was complicit.

Mongo: We were progressing. things were in motion. then she came along.

Mongo: Her

Mongo: I lost my balance, my course had been diverted, a more than momentary lapse. I offered her everything, it was all I could give, but it wasn’t enough. The world was never mine to give.

Mongo: That’s when he split off. we hadn’t finished the training, there were lessons. He preempted the whole process, within a month the Stadia was sold out. and he would be giving them the performance that was meant to be mine.

Mongo: He didn’t understand it wasn’t the dangers, let alone the intent. The purpose.

Mongo: In the end, it was a mess.

Mongo: He got the cheers. but It was never meant to be incorporated into a standard “Boston sShowboat”. The damage was done.

Mongo: He never got it. Superficial Bullshit. But to be honest, at the time neither did I. I wasn’t ready. I don’t think the world was ready. I went up the hill and asked for my humanity and my humility, it was all about words starting with H at the time, I was given none and I lost both.
Mongo: Things are not given but earned. Georgie might have understood, I hope so, all the time she walked beside me I could never remember her name. then she was gone. I guess I could say that learning how to stand on your toes is half the battle, learn restraint, make it automatic, so when you dance free there’s no need for a filter because you will no longer need it.

Mongo: It never belonged to me, it never belonged to me, but to give it to a fool for their own leptoquessence. Na not gunna happen.

Mongo: Can I stand on my toes?

Mongo: Nope.

Mongo: No.

Mongo: I teach.